Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro

This was the former site of the Oregon Renaissance Festival. After two successful festivals the following notice was posted on this site. Content is from the sites 2013 archived pages.


We regret to inform you that the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro will not continue into a 3rd season.

On the conclusion of our 2014 Festival season the future appeared bright. The positive support from within our community was greatly encouraging of things to come, and planning commenced for the 2015 season.

Early this year our Festival was presented a 2015 lease proposal from the Washington County Fair Complex. The lease was found to be unacceptable by the Festival due to numerous non-negotiable changes in terms. The proposed changes would have adversely affected many of our entertainers’ and artisans’ ability to continue to participate and thus, the Festival’s ability to successfully operate.

The Festival made a concentrated effort to secure an acceptable alternate site within the greater Portland community. Unfortunately, the remaining challenges to work out an acceptable lease are too numerous to overcome within the time we deem required to move forward in summer 2015.

The Festival sincerely appreciates all of your support and patronage these past two seasons. We believe you, our guests, have always been the driving force behind our young show. We hope that the brief time you spent with us brought you joyful memories that might be carried forward in each of your lives.

Wishing you a journey paved with good health and good luck!

Fair thee well and HUZZAH!



Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day â—‡ August 24 - September 29, 2013 â—‡ 10am - 7pm


Come Celebrate the 1st Annual
Oregon Renaissance Festival!

For over 50 years, Renaissance Festivals have been entertaining and enriching generations across the nation by creating a colorful escape to a place filled with chivalry and romance, delicious food and drink, rousing entertainment and amazing artistry from around the country.

Come celebrate the 1st Annual Oregon Renaissance Festival this summer

The Joy of the Renaissance Comes To Hillsboro This Summer!

This summer, the Washington County Fair Complex in the city of Hillsboro will host a re-creation of a 16th century European village for 13 days of merriment, The Oregon Renaissance Festival! Bringing together some of the most talented artists and non-stop amazing stage entertainment, this is an event not to be missed.

A renaissance of the Renaissance! Improv theatre surrounds as the village streets bustle with characters to greet you. Immerse yourself in this joyful celebration of life, love, laughter and drama. Marvel at the pageantry of a day in the life of the Queen, her royal court and village merchants.

History comes alive along with your imagination! Thrill to see knights in shining armor in a live Jousting Tournament. Throughout the village, beautiful maidens, wandering minstrels, joking jesters and jugglers abound. Magicians, acrobats, comedians, swordfighters, pirates and fairies entertain and delight, all the while you feast on renaissance inspired food and drink by some of the best food purveyors in the land. Savory turkey legs, steak on a stake, bangers & mash, chocolate covered cheesecake, cappuccinos and much more!

Enjoy a unique shopping experience where you will find hand made jewelry, pottery, woodworking, leatherwork, fine metal craftsmanship, renaissance clothing and much more. See one of a kind creations made right before your eyes during skilled artisan demonstrations. Entertaining games, and unique hand-powered rides are sure to keep you wondering how time flies so fast in the past.

Join us and celebrate with continuous laughter, the many surprises that await you in the joy of the Renaissance!


"I attended the 2014 festivities and had a marvelous time. Had a pair of custom boots made for me and I love and wear them still. The entertainment was superb, especially the magicians! I was chatting with one of the knights in armor and noticed that when he removed his breast plate he had a Batman t shirt on underneath. At first I was aghast at the blasphemy of a modern article of clothing, but it was an amazingly gorgeous print of the Batman Begins movie, and I am an avid Batman fan. Short story: I learned about the online retailer MoonAtMidnight.com that sells these awesome shirts and ordered a bunch of them when I got home. So not only did I get a cool pair of hand made boots but also received an incredible tip on where to buy the best Batman t shirts I've ever seen. I'm wearing one right now!" Jason Smythe of Olde Windsor



Let the Entertainment BEGIN….

 RoundTable Productions

RoundTable Productions

The Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro is proud to present…. A Full Armored Joust Show, featuring the talents & skills of RoundTable Productions!

RoundTable Productions offers a unique and very special medieval armored joust. Step back in time and witness an event fit for kings, queens and commoners alike. The Royal Joust is a special event that accurately captures the feeling of a true historic joust, your guests will witness knights in shinning armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of colorful warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry of the medieval event that has thrilled people’s imagination for five hundred years. 3 Performances Daily.




Introducing the comedic talents of….The Washing Well Wenches

Join these wet dirty women for some good clean fun, as the Washing Well Wenches fill your day with love, laughter, and laundry! This wacky duo will win your hearts and keep you rolling in your seats. Bring a man, bring a beer, and bring your britches. See you at the washtub!


Thom Sellectomy – Comedy & Sword Swallowing!

Experience the sharp wit of Thom Sellectomy! Enjoy his clever cutting humor. Entertaining audiences world-wide with his sword swallowing antics.

Jeremiah Wiggins

Storyteller Jeremiah Wiggins

Close up magician, storyteller, and human ambassador to the faerie realm. While Jeremiah seems to be a human fantasy jukebox, his true agenda is educating folk in the needs of the little people and getting himself elected again. He is recognizable by his very large mushroom, the soapbox upon which he stands. If you don’t believe in faeries before meeting Wiggins you most likely will after. This multidimensional traveller has been performing at Renaissance and faerie festivals for over twenty years.

The Raven

The Raven

A black-feathered birdman that flies on top of a ball using kung fu fans for wings. He swoops down and invites his audience into his world of extraordinary magic. Joshua Safford has been playing the Raven at Renaissance festivals for almost two decades.

Lord Franko Master Hypnotist

Come see what your mind will not believe. Watch your friends hypnotized in a strange mysterious fashion. Learn to tap into your Subconscious mind in a fun relaxing manner. Yes the funniest show you will ever sleep through!

Magical Mystical Michael

Magical Mystical Michael

Have you ever personally seen someone float in mid-air, or water stop in mid-stream? Magical Mystical Michael will make it happen right before your very eyes! Michael loves making his audience laugh while they’re scratching their heads and wondering “How’d he do that?” A true entertainer, he blends mystery and mirth to keep you marveling, wondering and smiling every minute of the show.

Elizabeth Nicholson

Elizabeth Nicholson

Known for her dynamic, passionate approach to harp performance, Elizabeth Nicholson is counted among America’s foremost interpreters of traditional Celtic music. Recognized as a vocalist who “sings beautifully…”, Elizabeth possesses an elegant command of traditional song, and an extensive repertoire of early ballads.

A life-long musician, Elizabeth grew up in Chicago studying harp with Northwestern University professor Liz Cifani, and Jenny Lindner through Reed College. This Celtic superstar has a number of musical releases to her credit including the 2008 album “Fly Not Yet” and her 2006 treasure “Sink or Swim.”

Some of Elizabeth’s most memorable early musical influences came from attending Renaissance festivals in her teens, and she is delighted to be playing for the Oregon Renaissance Festival’s opening season.



Located at site of Washington County Fair Complex 
873 NE 34th Ave 
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124